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Photo courtesy of The Royal Internal Air Tattoo

Purpose: 128 fighter pilots from 20 nations fought in a series of one-on-one dogfights to find the champion Fighter Pilot of the World. Six sets of two opposing pilot stations were each linked to a supervisor station responsible for setup and overseeing each combat.

Result: Winner - Flight Lieutenant Mark Discombe - RAF Jaguar pilot


  • 15 Virtual Research V6 HMDs 
  • 25 Computers - Elonex Pentium P160's 
  • 18 Graphics Boards - 3Dfx Obsidian Cards 
  • 15 Tracker Units - Vio Protec Trackers 
  • Software - ECC Simulation 
  • Joysticks - Thrustmaster F16 FLCS 
  • Throttles - Thrustmaster F16 TQS 
  • Network - Mitel 


Virtual Environments for Design and Manufacturing

Image courtesy of Washington State University
Purpose: Current demands to reduce time and cost in taking a product from concept to production has forced companies to turn to new and emerging technologies in design and manufacturing. VEDAM is aimed at extending the capabilities of existing parametric CAD/CAM systems.

Result: Upon completion of the initial implementation, tests were run on the VEDAM system to check for the accuracy of setup times and machining times. These results showed that VEDAM systems provided a good estimate, equal or better than that of a manufacturing "expert", in estimating setup times and machining times. These times will also improve as the system is further developed.


  • Virtual Research VR4 HMD 
  • Virtual Technologies Cyberglove 
  • Ascension Flock of Birds tracking system 

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