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V6 Head Mount Display

Photo of V6 HMD

Harness the Power of a V6!

V6 establishes a new standard of quality and price for the mid-range, professional HMD. New active matrix LCD’s with 640 x 480 pixel resolution provide rich, vibrant color quality and a superior image. New engineering and design means V6 is lighter, easier to use, and more durable. V6 dons quickly and comfortably using a single rear ratchet and spring loaded forehead rest. Adjustments are quick and precise. The interpupillary adjustment doubles as an eye relief adjustment to accommodate glasses.

Inputs and outputs for audio, video, and power are handled through the external control box. Standard 15 pin VGA type connectors accept VGA (640 x 480 60Hz) inputs, readily available on todays graphics engines and workstations. Brightness and contrast adjustments are easily tuned from the front of the control box. External monitors may be connected to the MONITOR PORT also located on the control box.












Control Box



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